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Working Holiday Canada Travel Insurance: The Secret Most Travellers Don’t Know (But Should!)

Dreaming of wide open spaces, turquoise lakes, and all-you-can-eat maple syrup? Bingo, Canada might just be the perfect destination for your Working Holiday Visa (WHV)! But before you embark on this backpacking adventure, one crucial detail awaits you: travel insurance for your WHV in Canada, also known as “Working Holiday Visa Canada health insurance.”

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Quick reminder: If you’re a citizen of one of the 34 eligible countries and between 18 and 35 years old, you have the opportunity to travel and work in Canada through International Experience Canada.

The Working Holiday Program allows you to stay in Canada for up to one or even two years, allowing you to work legally and earn money to help fund your travels. To learn more, check out Everything about IEC Canada in 2024 (Application, registration, pool, and draw).

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Why is it crucial to have travel insurance for your Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

The first thing to understand is that travel insurance is a prerequisite to obtaining your Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

To give you a concrete example, if you are from the UK, here are the criteria for the Working Holiday Visa in Canada. You can refer to the IEC Canada website to see that travel insurance is an essential criterion for eligibility in the Working Holiday category. You must have health insurance for the duration of your stay, and you may have to present evidence of this insurance when you enter Canada.

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In addition to being a prerequisite, having travel insurance for your Working Holiday Visa in Canada is essential to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency.

Imagine for a moment: you’re in Montreal, you seriously injure yourself and need to be hospitalized urgently. Without travel insurance, medical costs can skyrocket, and you could end up with a bill of several thousand dollars to pay.

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Not only is this a huge financial burden, but it can also compromise your travel experience and leave you with overwhelming financial stress. Travel insurance is your lifeline in such situations.

Your Working Holiday Visa health insurance will reimburse you for the medical expenses associated with your emergency, allowing you to receive the care you need without worrying about the exorbitant costs.

Think of it as an essential investment that will ensure your peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your Working Holiday Visa experience in Canada without fear of the financial consequences of a medical emergency.

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Beware: The mistake that could limit the duration of your Working Holiday Visa in Canada

The ultimate tip when taking out Working Holiday Visa health insurance is to make sure it covers the entire duration of your stay. Just imagine that you arrive at customs with an insurance policy covering only six months. The customs officer could issue you a Working Holiday Visa for only six months, even if you were entitled to two years.

This unfortunate situation has already happened to several Working Holiday Visa holders who received a Working Holiday Visa for only six months or one year when they could have had a visa for two years. So, you would be limited to staying in Canada for only six months instead of the planned two years.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, be sure to take out insurance for the entire period from the start. It’s simpler and guarantees you get the most out of your stay without any administrative hassles.

By following this advice, you ensure that the duration of your Working Holiday Visa corresponds to that of your medical insurance, which avoids the often overlooked complications related to travel insurance during your Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

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Do I need Working Holiday Visa Canada travel insurance if I’m young and healthy?

No matter your age and blooming health, the unexpected can happen anytime during a trip.

Whether it’s a sudden illness or an unforeseen incident, travel insurance guarantees your protection and repatriation if needed. It’s also a prerequisite to obtain your Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

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Can I get a refund on my Working Holiday Visa Canada travel insurance if I finish my trip early?

With soNomad, unused days can be refunded in the event of an early return, as long as you haven’t submitted any claims. To discuss your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact soNomad.

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Why choose soNomad for your Working Holiday Visa in Canada travel insurance?

If you haven’t heard of soNomad yet, it’s time to get on board! This Canadian company is shaking up the travel insurance world with a unique and budget-friendly approach.

On average, you can save up to 25% compared to other insurance companies. And with soNomad, there are no hidden fees, no nasty surprises to expect!

This Working Holiday Visa travel insurance also covers you for various sports and activities, from skiing in Whistler to surfing in Nova Scotia, and much more.

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You’ll also have 24/7 assistance in English or French to support you in tricky situations, even in the middle of the night. Exclusive guarantees, like coverage in case of lost luggage, are also included.

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And the cherry on top: soNomad‘s prices are unbeatable, allowing you to fully enjoy your Canadian experience without breaking the bank. Booking online is quick and easy as pie. In less than 2 minutes, you’re insured and ready to hop on a flight tonight if you want!

Get your travel insurance now with soNomad 

If you have questions, let us know! We’ll refer you to the right person!

Nomad Junkies’ founders are proud to be ambassadors for soNomad and on a mission to reduce travel insurance costs for all!

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