Top-Rated Most Instagrammable Hostels in the World

Do you have champagne taste on a cheap wine budget? When it comes to travel, the perfect solution exists! You can find stunning hostels around...

Indulge In the “Pura Vida” With a 10-Day Road Trip in Costa Rica

Go on a hybrid vacation, and you'll never be bored! When we say hybrid, we're referring to a destination that offers a mix of...

Beer, Castles and a Eurotrip: Why You Should Move to Germany for a Year

Can you guess which country is full of beers as cheap as water, bread considered to be the best in the world, castles straight...

Travel News | COVID-19

COVID-19: Where Can Canadians Travel To?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all think more about our travel choices. Before contact tracing and lockdowns, our concerns were limited to our...

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