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Top-Rated Most Instagrammable Hostels in the World

Do you have champagne taste on a cheap wine budget?

When it comes to travel, the perfect solution exists! You can find stunning hostels around the world that look expensive but won’t break the bank.

With the rise of Insta-tourism, hostels need to up their aesthetic game to attract fancy guests. It’s all about the likes, saves, and shares. You can say no to basic hostels with beige walls and no flair. Instead, stay somewhere posh and envy-inducing for the same price!

Hostelworld is a go-to resource for backpackers who want to find the perfect hostel on any budget. To help you decide on your next trip, here are 9 Instagrammable hostels all over the world, derived from their just-released list.

Practice your bikini-by-the-beach poses because you might go viral with these as your backdrop!

The rankings are based on the interactions (likes and comments) received on the Hostelworld Instagram page between May 2020 and May 2021.  

1. Pipe House Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Pipe House Playa Grande, Hostelworld.

Rating: 9.1

Price: Private room from $67/night

Description: Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to sleep in a recycled concrete pipe? It’s more glamorous than you’d expect! In addition to its unique design, this hostel is eco-friendly and well stocked with amenities. You can walk 75 meters to Playa Grande Beach to surf and check out the nesting sea turtles or take a $1 boat ride to Tamarindo to shop local goods.

Book the Pipe House Playa Grande!

2. BUNK Hostel Utrecht, The Netherlands

BUNK Hostel, Hostelworld.

Rating: 9.4

Price: Dorms from $51.68/night, private rooms from $103.36/night

Description: The youth hostel, BUNK, recently won the HOSCAR Innovation Award for its unique combination of history and modern design. Having once been a church, the hostel is surrounded by things to do and sights to see in the city’s heart. After a night of sleeping in a modern pod, you can rent bikes, catch a train ride nearby, or plop down on a cozy couch to sip a latte. Too many photo ops to count!

Book the BUNK Hostel Utrecht!

3. Selina Tulum, Mexico

Selina Tulum, Hostelworld.

Rating: 8.7

Price: Dorms from $58.04/night and private rooms from $186.23/night

Description: This is the ultimate retreat for digital nomads. The hostel has everything you could need to balance work and relaxation. Your creativity will be inspired, and your follower count enhanced from the exotic and enchanting decor to the breathtaking ocean views. The Selina offers a discount for longer stays, good news for those that are seduced by the beauty and culture of Tulum.

Book the Selina Tulum!

4. Lum, Mexico

Lum, Hostelworld.

Rating: 9.5

Price: Mixed dorms from $15/night and private rooms from $90/night

Description: The Lum, although also in Tulum, offers a totally different atmosphere than the Selina. It’s a cool earthy space with a modern feel, opting for natural materials and lots of greenery to set the stage. The large community space makes it easy to meet fellow backpackers (especially in the bustling bar area.) There are planned daily activities to make sure you have a good time. Be sure to take advantage of the hostel’s free bike rental system to explore Tulum!

Book The Lum!

5. Selina Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Selina Puerto Escondido, Hostelworld.

Rating: 8.8

Price: Mixed dorms from $16.76/night and private rooms from $71.51/night

Description: Selina hostels are a hit! This one is in Puerto Escondido, one of Mexico’s most popular cities, a must-stay destination for surfers and nature lovers. This hostel provides a calming space to expel your post-pandemic blues with daily wellness classes. Travellers rave about the coworking space, which makes work not really feel like work when you’re in good company and steps away from the pool.

Book The Selina Puerto Escondido!

6. The Bucket List Goa, India

The Bucket list Goa, Hostelworld.

Rating: 8.4

Price: Private rooms from $40.74/night, dorm prices not yet published

Description: This hostel was designed to be a dynamic space for creators to mix and mingle. Return visitors can’t get enough of the beaches, festivals, water sports and overall relaxed vibe of Goa. The Bucket List Hostel attracts creative travellers from all over the world with its colourful and affordable accommodation. Look no further if you want to work, party, chill, and take cool pics!

Book The Bucket List!

7. Wake Up! Byron Bay, Australia

Wake Up! Hostels, Hostelworld.

Rating: 9.4

Price: Dorms from $36.40/night and private rooms from $120.40/night

Description: Can you really say you’ve been hiking in Australia if you haven’t been to Byron Bay? This is the spot for daily yoga classes, sunrise lighthouse tours, and free access to surfboards and paddleboards. The hostel has been recently renovated to feel like a mini-resort on the outskirts of the city. Boredom is basically non-existent here.

Book Wake Up! Byron Bay!

8. Massiosare El Hostal, Mexico

Massosiare El hostal, Hostelworld.

Rating: 9.4

Price: Dorms from $12.38/night and private rooms from $19.60/night

Description: “Good vibes only” is what comes to mind with the Massiosare. It’s truly the perfect place to find peace and quiet while meeting fellow travellers and friendly staff. The cozy fourth-floor penthouse overlooks the heart of Mexico City, so you are only steps to the street, where you can find bright and colourful murals. Photo inspiration won’t be hard to find!

Book the Massiosare El Hostal!

9. Selina Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Selina Tamarindo, Hostelworld.

Rating: 8.3

Price: Dorms from $10.45/night and private rooms from $46.93/night

Description: Yes, another Selina hostel, but this one is just epic like the rest. We love the idea of artsy murals, fun treehouse hangs, and salsa lessons. So much Instaworthy content in one place! The Selina Tamarindo aims to create a community for digital nomads and backpackers, providing a laid-back pool atmosphere by day and a bumping DJ scene at night.

Book The Selina Tamarindo!

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What hostel would you like to try first?

This article was originally published in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

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