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You Can Camp Without a Reservation in 63 Little-Known Places in Quebec

International travel restrictions are still in effect, so the vast majority of Canadians plan to travel locally this summer. Camping offers an alternative way to leave home, get a change of scenery and dive into nature. Now is the perfect time to camp surrounded by conifers and be woken up by sunrise and birdsong!

Did you know that you can camp almost for free and without a reservation in the heart of nature in Quebec? We’ll let you in on a secret. Controlled Exploitation Zones (ZEC) aren’t just for hunting and fishing. If you don’t feel like emptying your wallet or having to worry about managing campground reservations, it’s time to discover these little-known spots.

Get Ready to Camp and Explore the Great Outdoors on a Budget

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ZECs are state lands administered by non-profit organizations that ensure the maintenance and conservation of wildlife. Unlike national parks or wildlife areas, you don’t need to plan your stay well in advance if you want to sleep on a ZEC.

Outdoor enthusiasts only need to go to the reception center of a Controlled Zone to register and pay the required fees before practicing their activities. You will then have to complete an exit declaration. ZECs control entry and exit into the territory, and their prices vary. It’s important to report any fish or game that you have harvested during your stay.

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Renting a campervan can make your life a lot easier if you plan on accessing multiple sites across Quebec. If you haven’t heard of RVezy, it’s the equivalent of Airbnb, but for RVs. You can read reviews of vehicles and owners before you book a rental, and you can have all your questions answered. Most importantly, you are fully insured during your stay. RVezy is a safe, easy and affordable way to travel locally and camp this summer.

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There are 63 ZEC territories in Quebec, spread out across 48,000km². And yes, they are dog-friendly! If you want to go camping in nature without a reservation and at a lower cost, you can find the ZEC closest to you here. (The website is only in French; therefore, you might need to grab your translator.)

Campervan Rentals in Ontario:

Campervan Rentals in Quebec:

Who’s up for a wild camping weekend?

This article was originally published in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.


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