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Cheap Outdoors: 10 Essentials Under $100 to Prep You for Summer

The pandemic has dashed our chances of travelling internationally this summer (we still hope that will change). Luckily, our country is full of great places that you may not have discovered yet. Sandbanks, Pelee Island, Gaspé Peninsula, Bruce Peninsula and the Magdalen Islands are must-see spots that you need to visit at least once (or more) in your lifetime. We are all tired from being stuck at home all winter. Time to take advantage of exploring from the first buds of spring!

From biking, hiking, camping, beach-going, this summer will be the perfect time to fill up on fresh air and vitamin D. If you are a fan of the outdoors, here are 10 essential items under $100 to make your summer more memorable. We love them, and they won’t break the bank!

1. Gregory Nano 18 hiking backpack ($74.99)

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You may or may not already have your Ontario Parks Pass. Whether you are a pro at hiking (the type to do 6 hours without running out of steam) or an amateur (an hour is more than enough for you), you will need to carry your essential gear. The good news is your raincoat, snacks, water bottle, mosquito repellent and sunscreen all fit in this super practical and compact bag. Free your hands by getting this hiking bag!

2. No-See-Um Head Screen ($3.99)

We can’t help laughing at this! You will be on top of your fashion game with this head-turning mosquito net. But seriously, it’s super handy, especially if you’re in the woods and don’t want your face eaten up. To keep mosquitoes away from your face and have peace this summer, get yourself this head mosquito net!

3. On-The-Go Breakfast ($9.99)

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When you’re on a forest excursion, you don’t expect to eat 5-star meals. But that doesn’t mean that you should eat only pocket-sized snacks and food that has no flavour. This three berry crumble dish is one of many easy meals that go well with calorie-burning outdoor activity. You simply add water, and voila! To taste this three-berry crumble for yourself, click here!

4. Julbo Cruiser Must-Have Sunglasses ($74.99)

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Whether you’re going on a road trip to the beach or hiking, having sunglasses is essential for the protection of your beautiful eyes. Here is a unisex, stylish and sporty pair, offered in two colours. They stay on your face well during all the outdoor activities that may come your way. To view life differently, get these sunglasses!

5. PackTowl Multipurpose Microfiber Towel ($27.99)

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Who knows? Maybe during a hike, you will discover a waterfall that will make you want to take a dip. Or maybe you’ll settle for your parents’ pool. Either way, you need a compact, absorbent towel that dries quickly. You can also easily use it for sitting and enjoying a picnic. Find this multipurpose towel here!

6. Kryptonite U-Shaped Bike Lock ($52.99)


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With bikes being so popular this year (and in short supply in some stores), you don’t want to have yours stolen. Protect your treasured means of transport with a good padlock. Now is the time to buy your sturdy U-lock!

7. Leather Strap for FitBit Watch ($89.99)

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You may already have a FitBit watch to count your steps, calculate your heart rate, or remind you to move. If you’re craving a new look without changing out the whole Fitbit, this is the perfect leather strap for you. Your FitBit will go from a sporty look to a more classy look in an instant. Upgrade your style with this FitBit leather strap!

8. Smith Optics Lightweight and Stylish Bike Helmet ($99.99)

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Safety first! Did you know that a bicycle helmet does not have an expiration date but that it is recommended that you change it every three to five years? If you think it’s time to get a new one, here is the perfect helmet for your summer rides.

9. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Mega Pillow ($46.99)

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Who said camping couldn’t be synonymous with comfort? Camping gear has come a long way since your dad’s days. With this large compressible pillow, you can travel everywhere and sleep soundly. For comfortable and practical camping, you need this pillow!

10. Trail Scout Self-Inflating and Really Comfortable Sleeping Pad ($94.99)

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This large sleeping pad is the perfect companion for your super compressible pillow. With it, you will be perfectly prepped for camping this summer, as it folds nicely into your backpack and is self-inflating for ease of use. For true camping in nature, get this practical sleeping pad.

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Whether you’re new to outdoor sports or setting distance records on Strava, you need the right equipment. With these outdoor essentials, you’ll be fully equipped to go on an adventure as soon as the good weather arrives! The great outdoors, s’mores, campfires await!

Are you ready to spend the summer outdoors?

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