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How to Convince Your Friends You Went on a Tahitian Holiday in 5 Steps

We’re all so excited to travel and socialize again after months of staying home. But it’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous about stepping out beyond the Zoom lens, especially if your self-care routines have gone into hibernation mode.

Now that we’re in the full swing of summer, it’s time to ditch the drabness of wintertime. Let’s say “nānā” (Tahitian for goodbye) to pale skin and dull hair and embrace the sun-worshipping goddesses we are!

We can promise that the next time you step out into society, you’ll look more like Beyoncé than a groggy bear emerging from its lair, thanks to Yves Roche’s Monoï line of beauty products.

Your friends will want to know how you glow like a Tahitian sunset when you haven’t even stepped on a plane. We have the secret—it’s monoï oil. Native to tropical Tahiti, monoï oil comes to life by steeping delicate tiare flowers in nutritive coconut oil.

Now you can apply the secrets of Paradise Island in 5 easy steps at home!

Get ready for summer with a Tahiti-inspired spa day!

1. Work on Your Tan

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If you want to look like you’ve come straight from Tahiti, you need to have the tanned complexion skin to prove it. The first step to a healthy tan is to always exfoliate your skin well before sun exposure. This is easily accomplished with Monoï Body Scrub-in-Oil Radiant Tan. This product will remove any dead skin cells and impurities, creating radiant skin and a longer-lasting tan. We can’t say no to beautiful skin all summer!

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The next step is to lounge in the sun with a good book and some tunes. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen! After absorbing a good amount of rays, lock in the tan by applying Monoï Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Dry Oil on your skin. Simply shake the bottle before applying this non-greasy formula. It will quickly hydrate your skin, leaving a sweet floral scent. You’ll appear to have spent hours at the spa when all you’ve done is sunbathe and hydrate.

2. Give Yourself a “Salty Hair Don’t Care” Look

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Going to the beach means leaving with your nether regions full of sand but also having gorgeous wavy hair, thanks to the glorious seawater. You can easily recreate this mermaid look at home thanks to Monoï Gentle Hair and Body Wash. This two-in-one product is perfect for restoring moisture to your hair and body and as a bonus, it smells like the very essence of summer. You won’t have to fight with your hairbrush afterwards as the gentle formula detangles as it cleans.

Let your hair air dry and then apply Monoï Beach Effect Hair Spray to activate the waves. Spray on the product, wrap your hair into a tight bun for 5 minutes, and let it loose to reveal an instant beach effect. Voilà, now it’s time to go strut your stuff like you’re in a hair commercial. Let your sea siren hair blow in the wind and spread the sweet Monoi scent all over town! There’s no better way to brag about your faux surf trip.

3. Convince Yourself That Summer Is Here to Stay

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Even though the weather in Canada can be annoyingly indecisive (hello 2-degree Celsius mornings and to 30-degree afternoons!), it’s time to break out your summer wardrobe and celebrate the fact that summer is finally here. So say yes to all the floral dresses and rompers! A Tahitian-inspired scent will elevate your cute outfit and bring you back to the beach every time you inhale and close your eyes. For this reason, Monoï Vague D’été Eau de Toilette is the perfect fragrance for summer. This subtle perfume is also ideal for sensitive skin. With hints of vanilla, coconut, and tiare, French Polynesia is only a whiff away.

4. Receive (or Give) A Very Oily Polynesian Massage

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You can’t possibly trick your friends into thinking you went on vacation unless you look relaxed. So why not start with a good homemade massage? Monoï Traditional Nourishing Oil is your gateway to relaxation. The oil formula hydrates and leaves shiny hair and skin without all the greasiness. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of monoï without slipping and sliding all over the place afterwards. To truly enjoy the moment, be sure to listen to the soothing sounds of waves or the rainforest while you’re experiencing bliss. Now is the perfect time to relax tight muscles and release all your pandemic stresses.

5. Stage Your All-Inclusive Meal and Share It on Instagram

© Laurie Letendre / Nomad Junkies

This might be the most important step if you want to convince the world that you went to Tahiti. You have our permission to be super extra about it. Buy some exotic fruits (think vibrant pineapples, juicy grapefruits, and ripe bananas), set the tablescape with whatever tropical flowers you can find, and put together a colourful smoothie bowl. Take a picture of your masterpiece (alongside a piña colada perhaps) and share it on your social media. Not only will you look like you experienced Tahiti first-hand, but you can also inspire your friends to visit with you when the world opens again!

Monoï oil is your go-to summer beauty product if you’re craving the white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and Polynesian island vibe of Tahiti. Monoï products are suitable for all skin types. The non-greasy formula is super hydrating for your body and hair and the soft scent of flowers and coconut will transport you and everyone you meet to Tahiti. Okay, that’s maybe a stretch, but who wouldn’t want to fantasize about being under the tropical sun during this pandemic, even for a moment?

Be the first to purchase Monoï products with the promo code “NOMAD20YR50” to smell like summer and look amazing! While we wait to travel abroad, we can at least bask in the Canadian sun and pamper ourselves with premium beauty products.

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With your new “Tahiti at home” look, you will glow on restaurant patios and at small gatherings this summer!

This article was originally published in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

Laurie Letendre
Laurie Letendre
Trouvez-moi où il y a du soleil, de la plage et de la bonne bouffe! Hawaï, Bali et l'Australie sont parmi mes plus beaux voyages. Grande foodie (et végétarienne), je passe pas mal de mon temps à trouver les meilleurs restos locaux parce que c'est selon moi une des façons les plus délicieuses de découvrir une culture.


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