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Your Itinerary for a Magical Tour of Northwest Florida (Off-The-Beaten-Track)

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Do you want to live an extraordinary adventure? Do you dream of an authentic road trip in the sun? Northwest Florida should be your next destination! I was able to experience the highlights of this region, which will soon grace new episodes of Wanderlust: Florida. Don’t miss this exhilarating series airing on The Weather Network on February 20, 2022! Here you will discover a happy mix of paradisiacal beaches, delicious seafood, fascinating stories and surreal natural settings.

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Here is a one-week itinerary (7 to 10 days) to discover these little-known and exotic places of Florida for yourself!

Tallahassee, the Capital of Florida

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Start your road trip in Tallahassee! You can easily rent a car at Tallahassee International Airport. This surprising university town will dazzle you with its vibrant, academic, historical side and atypical nature. The metropolitan area is surrounded by “Canopy Trees,” towering conifers that give this destination an incredible vibe! In addition to the many restaurants to try, your bucket list for discovering the Capital of Florida should include:

  • Zipline and Tree-to-Tree at the Tallahassee Museum
  • Soak up 19th-century heritage at the Florida State Capitol
  • Explore Railroad Square Art Park (artist studios and vintage shops)

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Panama City Beach

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Departing from Tallahassee, take the scenic route that runs along the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Prepare to be dazzled by the whitest sand in the world! Once in Panama City Beach, you’ve set foot in THE adventure destination of Florida! Your list of activities should include the following must-sees:

  • Take an unforgettable helicopter ride
  • Explore Shell Island
  • Rent a Jet-Ski
  • Watch the dolphins

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Destin and the scenic route 30A

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After Panama City Beach, continue west to Destin as you discover the small communities along the scenic route 30A. You will fall in love with each of these resorts. Take the time to soak up each place and admire the paradisiacal beaches of the PanhandleYou absolutely must make a stop at Rosemary Beach, which looks like a small village in the Mediterranean! Also, visit Seaside, a picture-perfect community featured in the famous hit movie The Truman Show! Don’t forget to spend some time in Sandestin and Destin!

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When you arrive in Pensacola, you are at the gateway to West Florida! You will feel like you are travelling through time because Pensacola is the oldest settlement in America, founded by Spaniards in 1559. This city has a unique vibe. Explore the surroundings and don’t forget to:

  • Explore Fort Pickens National Park
  • Visit the Historic Village of Pensacola and take a walk on Palafox Street
  • Discover Pensacola Beach (a young, relaxed, hip and alternative place)
  • Taste the oysters from the bay

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Florida Caverns State Park

Before returning to Tallahassee, stop by Florida Caverns State Park for some thrills! You will be able to explore the depths of an impressive underground world. Accompanied by a guide, you will admire these mysterious caves with stalactites and stalagmites. As you will see in the episodes Wanderlust: Florida, this is a breathtaking place!

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Want more inspiration from off-the-beaten-track destinations in Florida?

Watch the second season of Wanderlust: Florida beginning February 20, 2022

This breathtaking four-part docuseries will blow your mind with stories of unique destinations in Northwest Florida narrated by the people who live there. Don’t miss this new series on The Weather Network!

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This article was originally written in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

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