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We Tried this New “Workation” Concept in Montreal & We Think You’ll Love it

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Do you wish to experience the feeling of being on vacation without using any of your vacation days? If so, you’ll love the concept of a Workation: a combination of remote work and vacation. You can now add a little zest to your life as a remote worker, regardless of your budget!

Thanks to Aire Commune, planning a workation in Montreal has never been so easy or enjoyable. You can choose between 9 packages and five different Workation circuits in the heart of downtown. The Workation packages are the best way to escape while being productive at the same time.


What exactly is a “workation”?

Put work and vacation together, and you’ve got yourself a workation! Imagine being on vacation and working remotely at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.

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After experiencing remote work firsthand (during the pandemic), many people are ready to take the plunge and work away from home.

Safia and I have been fortunate enough to travel and work remotely for the past few years, visiting more than 70 different countries in the process! While working while travelling has many positive aspects, there are also obstacles to overcome. The great thing about Workation packages in Montreal is that you get optimized accommodations for your work (coworking and meeting rooms) along with plenty of fun and exciting things to do in the city.

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A workation is a great way to recharge your batteries with little effort or planning. You’ll get to explore new places and see things from a different perspective. Planning a workation is also great for meeting new people and making new contacts.

Workations can also improve your focus and productivity. When you’re somewhere new, you’re more likely to be motivated to focus and give your all to your work. What better way to stimulate your creativity, generate new ideas and broaden your perspective?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. One of the drawbacks of workations is that they can be expensive. Fortunately, there are now workation packages in Montreal for all budgets. We even got to experience one at Auberge Saintlo, one of Montreal’s youth hostels.

Who knows, maybe experiencing a Workation will be the first step towards your new life as a digital nomad!

Why should you pick Montreal for your next workation?

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The rainy summer months in Asia and Latin America make it natural to wish for the sun and warmth of the northern hemisphere. But during this time, major European cities become overrun with tourists, so it’s best to avoid going there.

Montreal has perfect weather and isn’t overcrowded, making it the ideal destination for a workation. The best part is that Montrealers are so festive after a harsh winter that the good vibes are contagious in the summer!

Montreal is known for being a foodie city, and not just for poutine and smoked meat sandwiches either. Whether you’re looking to discover new places and try delicious foods from around the world, or you want to hit up a few festivals and enjoy the sun, Montreal is THE place to add to your travel list.

Workations packages in Montreal are perfect for:

  • Digital nomads who are back home and want to enjoy the summer.
  • Locals who want to feel like they’re on vacation and want to experience new adventures.
  • Backpackers who are travelling around the world.
  • Business travellers who want to discover a vibrant city.


Check out this backpacker-friendly Workation package:

Stay at Auberge Saintlo Montreal

Auberge Saintlo was our main stay for our getaway, and we loved it! The hostel is perfectly located in the heart of downtown, making it the ideal spot for remote workers.

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Whether you want to book a private room or stay in a dorm with others, this hostel has all the options to suit your needs and budget. Plus, the beds are very comfortable. Guests receive complimentary breakfast and can participate in a ton of organized activities, such as pub crawls and $2 hot dogs on Thursdays.

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There are several coworking spaces and meeting rooms at your disposal. It’s also a great place to meet other travellers since the atmosphere is friendly and open.

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Evenings are a perfect time to head down to the hostel bar to have a beer and meet a few people. You’ll end up making so many friends that you’ll never have to feel alone, even if you’re travelling solo.Book your stay at auberge Saintlo Montréal!

Get Some Work Done at Summer Stations by Aire Commune

What could be more uplifting than being productive and enjoying the sunshine at a summer workstation on a beautiful day?

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In case you haven’t heard, Montreal is THE place for greendesking. Aire Commune has created Summer Islands: a network of free outdoor workspaces all over the city for people to use!
All you need is your computer and happy vibes, and you’re good to go with free Wi-Fi and electricity.

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Nomad tip: Place Ville-Marie has two glass-container meeting rooms in the heart of downtown that you can rent at no cost! These meeting rooms are available free of charge upon reservation. Reserve your time slot for free here!

Get inspired or feel like a big shot by taking your work on the rooftop! It’s got an incredible view of downtown!

Explore the City with the Aire Commune Circuits

Aire Commune circuits are designed for people on the go. Choose between itineraries such as Quartier des spectacles & Chinatown, Downtown or Old Montreal to discover or rediscover Montreal.

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We had the chance to try the Griffintown circuit, composed of 8 exciting stops! You can do this 6km route on foot or by bike. It’s packed with activities, cafes, restaurants, and bars you don’t want to miss if you’re in Montreal. You’ll even be able to take the famous iconic photo of Montreal with the Farine Five Roses sign.

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Discover Unique and Underground Places

Our favourite stop on the Griffintown circuit is the Got Soul Café!

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This cafe was created with music lovers in mind! You can spend hours browsing through vinyl records and admiring local artists’ artwork while enjoying your cappuccino and croissant.

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Savour your Workation, One Bite at a Time

Trying good food from around the world is part of the Montreal experience! While we were on our Griffintown circuit, we discovered this Italian snack bar called Mano Cornuto, and we truly felt that we were transported to Italy while we were there.

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If you want to end your day with a breathtaking view and delicious food and drinks, stop by La Cantine at the Old Port!

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Celebrate and party “Montreal-style”

Montreal is known for its party scene, so take full advantage of it! With so many options and new friends to celebrate with, you’ll always have plenty of ways to celebrate, and we recommend La Cantine’s selection of summer cocktails to get you started.

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You can finish your evening at Auberge Saintlo‘s bar with a great group of people from all over the world! It’s impossible not to feel like you’re travelling!

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Don’t stay locked up in your small city apartment. There’s a whole world out there waiting for remote workers like you! So what are you waiting for to get started? Sure, there’s work to do, but above all, you should reward yourself, socialize and have a good time!

Enjoy working and having a blast in Montreal during an unforgettable “Workation”! Let’s make it happen!

Aire commune centre-ville and the Îlots d’été network are made possible by the financial support of the Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme de Tourisme Montréal, with the financial contribution of the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec. The project also received the financial contribution of the City of Montreal, the Ville-Marie borough, Fizz, Place Ville Marie, and Desjardins Group.

Emilie Robichaud
Emilie Robichaud
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