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Top 5 Places to Visit in Norway From a Canadian Who Lives There

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Norway is too beautiful not to visit at least once in your lifetime. Luckily, Canadians between 18-35 can explore this gorgeous country for longer than a two-week vacation. Anouk Brisebois did a Working Holiday Visa in Norway and has now settled into her Nordic dream life permanently.

These are the five must-see places in Norway, according to her personal experience.

1. The Lofoten Islands

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”Located in Norway’s northern portion, the Lofoten Islands are beyond magical and beautiful. You’ll feel like you’re in the movie Icelander.

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkies

The mountains are gigantic and the viewpoints are breathtaking! I recommend going to the small villages of Henningsvær and Reine.”

2. The City of Bergen

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkies

”My husband comes from Bergen so that probably contributes to my interest in this beautiful little town. Known for its small cobblestone streets, the picturesque Mount Ulriken and the ancient Stavkirke church made entirely of wood;

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkies

Bergen is a must-see! Public transportation is super convenient and accessible, stretching from the city centre to the airport. Notable sights are the castle of the king and queen and the Bryggen district by the fjord. Mount Fløyen makes for a great hike! You can take a lift to the top, where you’ll treat your eyes to a stunning view below.”

3. Ålesund

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Ålesund is a beautiful place to explore with its river-like fjord and colourful buildings. Mount Aksla and the viewpoint at Fjellstua are worth the trip!

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkies

Bro restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and excellent food. The Molo Brew microbrewery has a relaxed atmosphere and a nice selection of local beers.”

4. Sogndal

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”I highly recommend taking a kayak tour in the Sogndal district, where majestic fjords will surround you.

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkiesa

The water is translucent and turquoise and perfect for an afternoon paddle. While you’re there, you might as well go for a hike in Molden, another small town in Norway, northeast of Bergen.”

5. Last but not least, Oslo!

”There is no shortage of attractions to visit in the country’s capital! The opera house, Aker Brygge, the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the neighbourhoods of Kampen and Vålerenga with their colourful homes! You can take the ferry to the nearby islands, see the city hall, explore Vigeland Park and dine at the many bars and restaurants. Other landmarks include the botanical garden (free!), the royal palace, the Barcode Project area with its architectural buildings, and more! My heart belongs to so many places in Oslo!

© Anouk Brisebois / Nomad Junkiesa

Norway is kind of like Canada in the sense that its geography is vast with a diverse climate and friendly inhabitants. The cool thing about Norway is that people usually fly from point A to point B. It’s not a very green travel concept, but it’s fast. It takes a good two hours to fly from the south of Norway to Tromsø, making it easy to see a lot of the country in a short amount of time.”

If it was love at first photo, you may want to consider doing a Working Holiday Visa in Norway to see the sights up close!

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The original interview was conducted in French by Emilie Robichaud and answers were provided by Anouk Brisebois. This article has been adapted to English by Britney Claveau.

Emilie Robichaud
Emilie Robichaud
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