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The Best Kept Secret Among Backpackers: A Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance

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Do you travel more than once a year? Have you ever decided to go on a trip at the last minute, winging it because you got the travel bug? Whether you’re a regular travel junkie or planning your first backpacking adventure, here is a multi-trip annual insurance policy that will suit your needs.

The insurance is especially good for people who like to travel on a whim and backpackers who set off on several trips a year. Let’s talk about multi-trip annual insurance and how it can help you to easily travel whenever you want, as many times as you like.

How does a multi-trip annual travel insurance plan work?

Although it might not be obvious, a multi-trip annual plan is different from a 365-day trip plan.

When you have a Multi-Trip Annual Plan, you are covered for medical problems for multiple trips within one year.

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To determine which Multi-Trip Annual Plan option is right for you, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Get an idea of how long you want to travel for on average

Would you consider yourself the type of person who goes on several 2-3 day trips in a year? Or are you the type of traveller who stays for 4-5 weeks at a time abroad?

The types of travel insurance that you can choose from at soNomad are based on your own travel style and future plans, so you can choose from the following:

  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days
  • 45 days

You should pick an option that covers most of your trips based on how many days you typically travel.

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2) Select the option that fits your plans and availability

A 7-day option is best suited if you have a limited number of holidays and are planning on taking several short trips in the next year. This plan will cover you for unlimited 3-day getaways and week-long trips abroad, no matter how many times you go. For instance, if you’re planning to spend a weekend in New York, a long weekend in Maine, a week in the sun and a week in Europe in the coming year, then the 7-day option will be ideal for you.

There is a 30-day option available, which is an excellent option for those who have the ability to work or study remotely. The possibilities are endless. For example, you could go on a 3-week trip in Europe, work and surf in Nicaragua for a month, or hop on a 2-week road trip across the US.

Depending on your plans and travel needs, you may also want to consider the 15-day or 45-day options.

Nomad tip: It is worth asking a soNomad agent about the price differences between the various multi-trip annual insurance options they offer. There may be only a few dollars difference between the option that covers you for 7-day trips and the one that covers you for 30-day trips. If you want to save money and be covered for longer trips, we recommend selecting the 30-day option.

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3) Calculate the amount of money you will save

Annual multi-trip insurance is often MUCH CHEAPER than taking out individual insurance for each trip.

For instance, if you shop for travel insurance for a 4-day trip to California, traditional insurance companies would generally quote you between $75 and $125 for four days of coverage.

With soNomad, I am covered for all the trips I take of 30 days or less during the year for only $90. Based on the eight trips I have taken so far this year, it would have cost me about $100 in insurance for each trip, so I would have paid $800 for travel insurance. The 30-day multi-trip insurance I purchased for $90 covered all my travels, and I saved $710 on the total cost! Not bad, eh?

If you still need convincing that this is one of the best-kept secrets among backpackers, give soNomad a call to find out how much it would cost you for a multi-trip annual policy. Honestly, you won’t believe how good it is.

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4) Be spontaneous! Don’t worry about contacting your insurer every time you travel!

If you take out a multi-trip annual insurance policy, you can go on a trip several times a year without contacting your insurer each time you travel. If you plan to leave for fewer days than the selected option, you do not need to inform your insurer.

In other words, you can decide on a whim to go to Rio de Janeiro for a party with a friend and not worry about getting travel insurance before you leave.


Can you extend your trip beyond the duration of your chosen option?

You can extend your travel insurance coverage if you want to stay longer than the chosen option by contacting soNomad. If you spend two months (60 days) abroad and have an annual multi-trip insurance option of 45 days, you will have to extend for another 15 days. Your first 45 days are already included in your multi-trip insurance coverage, and you will only pay for the extra days.

The additional days will only cost you a small additional fee!

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Bonus: You’ll also be covered for all your trips to Canada

No matter how long you’re away, having a multi-trip annual policy gives you coverage for all medical expenses when travelling outside your province! Whether you want to spend six months exploring the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia or touring the Maritime Provinces, you’ll be covered without having to take any extra steps.

With your travel insurance needs met, you are free to explore Canada for as long as you like without worrying about additional costs.

Are you ready to travel more often?

There’s no denying that the “travel hack” of purchasing multi-trip annual insurance is a fantastic way to save money on trips, and it should be more widely known among budget travellers. It’s very affordable and can help you save a lot of money if you travel often. If you do a significant amount of travelling each year, this is an insurance policy you cannot do without.

Don’t hesitate to contact a soNomad agent at any time if you have any questions about this type of travel insurance or if you would like to get real-time quotes before buying it. Get insured and set your nomadic self free!

Discuss travel insurance options with soNomad

If you have questions, let us know! We’ll refer you to the right person!

Nomad Junkies’ founders are proud to be ambassadors for soNomad and on a mission to reduce travel insurance costs for all!


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