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Portugal: I Crossed the Longest Suspension Bridge in the World

If you want to experience thrills or overcome your vertigo, the 516 Arouca Bridge might pique your interest. Located in the municipality of Arouca in Portugal, the 175-meter-high and 516-meter-long installation is officially the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Take your courage in both hands because the wire bridge sways when you step on it. You’ll have the opportunity to walk around, swinging slightly above the void to admire the impressive view.

© Safia Dodard / Nomad Junkies

The Charles Kuonen Footbridge in the Swiss Alps previously held the record for the longest suspension bridge in the world. Not anymore! The 516 Arouca offers rivalling views of a rushing waterfall and the Paiva River below.

I was lucky enough to try out the bridge (while I was still in Portugal) after its inauguration on April 29, 2021. Tip for you: If you decide to book your tickets online, you should make sure to arrive about 45 to 60 minutes early since you have to walk to the bridge. There are two options to get there: a ton of walking or a walking trail.

© Safia Dodard / Nomad Junkies

You will have to specify your chosen path when booking, as there are two different entrances. Don’t trust Google Maps (one of the few times I would say that)! Instead, follow the directions on the website when you reserve your tickets. The path that starts from the city passes through a charming little village with ancestral houses and small farmhouses.

Your suspension bridge tickets include entry to an 8 km hike along the canyon (on the Paiva Walkway.) Plan to take a taxi for the return trip because it’s not a loop! If you’re booking a trip to Portugal, it’s definitely worth a visit to walk the bridge and enjoy the hike!

So, do you feel brave enough to cross 516 Arouca?

You can buy your tickets here!

This article was written in collaboration with Marie-Provence St-Yves and adapted to English by Britney Claveau.

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