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Rvezy Review by Owner: Everything You Need to Know to Make Money Renting Out Your RV

Are you an RV owner? Did you know that you can make money renting out your RV in the US or Canada? Last year, we bought a campervan and made $12,500 in the first summer by renting out our campervan! Check out our personal experience and our review of using RVezy as RV owners.

What is RVezy?

RVezy is a platform that connects RV owners and RV renters. It’s like the Airbnb of RVs in the sense that you give reviews about the renters and they’ll rate you too.

How much does it cost to use RVezy?

It’s completely free to list your RV on RVezy.

Where is RVezy available?

It’s available in Canada and in the USA

What kind of rentals can you rent on RVezy?

You can rent various types of trailers, motorhomes, and campervans. Read on to learn how you can make $4K a month or more renting out your RV to strangers on Rvezy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your RV on Rvezy

1. To make extra income!

Renting is a new opportunity to use your RV as a source of income when you’re not using it. We made $12,500 during our first summer renting it about 60% of the time. The rest of the time we enjoyed it for personal trips. We could have made around $20-25K if we rented it full-time on RVezy!

2. To offset purchase and maintenance costs.

RVs, campervans, and trailers are expensive. We paid $71,000 for our Ford Transit 350 converted campervan. We put zero down with an 18-year loan at a 3.99% interest rate, bringing our monthly payments to $595 per month. The insurance is $130 per month, so the total cost per month is $725. Plus we’ve had to do oil changes ($120 each time) four times this summer, buy two new tires, and change the brakes. Renting the RV on RVezy allows us to offset our monthly payments and maintenance costs.

3. For the power.

You’re in control of everything about your listing. You set your own pricing and availability, and you get to accept or decline any rental request that comes your way. You can choose how often to rent your RV and how much you rent it for. The power is in your hands to decide what kind of income you’ll make.

4. It’s easy and fun!

With RVezy, the company takes care of everything for you. Every rental is fully insured. The renters are pre-screened. RVezy provides all the insurance to your RV when it is being rented out, so owners don’t have to get a commercial insurance policy. RVezy takes care of all the marketing, payments, security deposits, tech support, and renter verification. They find you the clients while you just chill and make money.

5. To meet like-minded people.

For us, the best part of renting out our RV on RVezy is meeting interesting renters who love travelling as much as we do. It has allowed us to expand our social circle even more. We love exchanging road trip itineraries and recommendations with renters. One time, after listening to a renter’s trip across the Coast, we ended up asking them all their campsites addresses and restaurant recommendations and did the exact same trip!

Step-by-Step of How to List Your RV on Rvezy

Step 1 – The Simple Stuff

Start by signing up on RVezy with your name, phone, email, and password.

What kind of RV do you own?

  • Motorhome
  • Trailer
  • or RV Cottage

For a Motorhome, indicate:

  • The manufacturer & the model,
  • The class type, then the year,
  • The length in feet and how many slides out on the unit

Now, add how many people your RV can accommodate. Make sure not to overestimate. Then carefully select all the amenities.

Step 2 – Setting Up Your RV Page

  • Name your motorhome with an attractive caption. If it’s a new unit, you should definitely add “New” in the name, as this would get your ad to stand out.
  • Describe your motorhome in words. You want to sell the experience of your RV by highlighting the best elements of your RV, but you don’t want to oversell it. Make sure to avoid errors and misspellings in your description.

⚠️ Now, the critical part is to upload photos of your RV!

  • Make sure your unit is sparkling clean (like a hotel) when you take the pictures and take pictures of the outside and the inside of your vehicle.
  • It is the most common mistake of beginner renters to NOT put enough pictures or to add pictures that are not appealing.
  • Pictures are key selling points! If you have an old phone, make sure to ask someone in your entourage to help you take better pictures.
  • If you can take pictures of the RV in a beautiful location, it’s even better! Showing the bathroom and cooking elements will also get you more rentals, which translates to more income.
  • The icing on the cake is to choose your cover picture wisely!

Step 3 – Pricing and Rules

  • RVezy will pre-fill the pricing with suggestions according to your unit (model & year) and your location. Do your own research by comparing similar units to yours on the website. If you want to get rentals as soon as possible, you can also lower the price to start. You’ll be able to change the price anytime, as often as you want.
  • For weekly discounts, the norm is usually to offer a 10-15% discount.
  • For monthly discounts, it’s around a 20-25% discount.
  • RVezy recommends setting a security deposit amount of $1000.
  • For the cleaning fee, the suggested price is between $60 to $120. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to clean your RV and wash the linens if you provided them.
  • For mileage, NEVER offer unlimited mileage. You don’t want renters crossing the country with your RV for free. Renting an RV is not the same as renting your house. Each time the renters put mileage on your unit, the value goes down.
  • Include a base amount of kilometres for free and then charge for additional usage. Derek and Emilie personally include 200 kilometres per day and charge $0.35 per extra kilometre.
  • You can also offer delivery for your renters and set the price.

That’s it, you are all set, your listing is under review. Congrats!

Your RV is Ready to Be Booked on Rvezy! What’s Next? [FAQ]

Your listing will be approved and you’ll start getting booking requests and the earnings associated with the requests. You can accept or decline any requests. Don’t forget to set block off dates for personal use and to manage availability.

How Do You Get Paid When Someone Books Your RV with RVezy?

  • You’ll get the payments in your bank account through direct deposit.
  • You’ll get paid the first 50% of the payout 24 hours after the rental start date.
  • The second 50% will be released when the RV is returned and the closeout process has been completed.

What Can You Expect Before the Trip Starts?

  • You’ll exchange messages with the renters about the pick-up time of your RV or talk about the details of the delivery.
  • You’ll meet the RV renter in person. Together, you’ll do a full tour of the unit. You’ll give them all the instructions and take pictures for insurance on the app, so you’re both covered.
  • Make sure to note the initial mileage carefully.
  • The renters will sign and they’ll be ready to go.
  • It’s important to tell the renter about driving techniques, like looking in the lower mirror if you have a big unit and if they don’t have a lot of experience with RVs.
  • If you’re friendly with your renters, they’ll be more tolerant towards you if something is not working in the unit. Also, you’ll be most likely to get a better rating at the end of their trips.

How Does Insurance Work When You Rent Your RV on Rvezy?

  • It’s easy! When you’re using your RV for personal use, you’re covered by your own personal insurance policy.
  • The minute your RV is rented through RVezy (on the trip start date), the insurance coverage switches over to RVezy’s rental policy and your RV is protected for the duration of the rental.
  • After the rental is over, you’re back to your own personal coverage.

What Happens After the Trip?

  • When the renters bring back the RV, you’ll go over the return checklist on the RVezy app and take pictures again.
  • You’ll check the mileage and calculate the difference between the initial mileage. If the renters went over the included mileage, you’ll charge them a fee that will be taken automatically from their deposit.

That’s it! Now, you know how to rent your RV on RVezy.

What Are the Pros of Renting Your RV Through Rvezy?

  • They’ve got an easy-to-use app for managing all your bookings.
  • It’s free to list your RV.
  • You keep 80% of your rental income. No gimmicks or complicated math.
  • It’s the best customer service of any rental company we’ve dealt with (you can get a hold of them by phone).
  • 24/7 roadside assistance means your renter is NOT calling YOU in a panic.
  • $1000 security deposit (covering 100% of the deductible).
  • Simple and fast payout.
  • They even have an in-house claim service, so if something ever happened, you’re 100% covered.

On top of that, we received way more qualified, serious renters on Rvezy than with Outdoorsy, another RV rental platform. At the end of their first summer, we made $12,500 with RVezy and only $3,500 with Outdoorsy. And when we get booking through other services, we end up telling them to use RVezy. It provides an easier and better user experience on the app.

What Are the Cons of Renting Your RV Through Rvezy?

  • To release the last payment of a rental, you need to review your renter on RVezy and they need to review you as well. It’s not a big deal, but sometimes you have to message renters to follow up sometimes to complete their review.
  • You can’t see the total amount earned in a year on RVezy. You can see the amount of each booking, but it’d be great to have the total.

 “We’ve always had great experiences renting our RV on their website and we definitely recommend it to anyone out there who’s thinking about renting their RV!”

Final tip: If you want to drastically increase your income from your RV, make sure to increase the rental prices for popular dates. You can almost double the price for rentals over the long weekend of the 4th of July and any other public holidays.

Do you currently own an RV, campervan, or trailer that you would like to rent on RVezy? Tell us the model and the year!

Start making money by renting your RV on RVezy



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