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Mauria EVO: The New Women’s Trekking Boots You Need for Your Next Adventure

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Introducing the new Mauria EVO trekking boots! They’re sturdy, reliable, and will help you conquer new heights! These boots have been designed specifically for women. You can choose between the new leather model (Mauria EVO LL), the GORE-TEX model (Mauria EVO GTX) or the model I own (Mauria EVO GTX WIDE), which has a wide fit that makes them perfect for those with broader feet. Made of sturdy, water-resistant materials, these shoes have a Vibram sole that can grip anything, so you’ll stay on your feet no matter where your adventure takes you.

Whether you’re in New Zealand, Peru or Nepal, or planning day or multi-day treks, make sure your boots can handle the distance. You’ll get more support from durable, long-distance boots than a regular walking boot or shoe.

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Why are good trekking boots essential?

  • To provide ankle support and stability on uneven ground;
  • To protect your feet from the elements;
  • To help you maintain a firm grip on all surfaces;
  • To provide comfort on long hikes.

I’ve always struggled to find comfortable trekking boots with the same cozy feeling as running shoes. The stiffness of the trekking boots I tried in the shop always made me feel like I was walking around in ski boots. Ouch… No, thank you!

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Walking with something wrapped around my ankle and digging into my calf was also problematic for me. That’s why I really fell in love with the perfect fit of the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE from Lowa.


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How to choose the proper hiking boots

The most important thing: make sure they are the right size! It may sound obvious, but you never want to skip over this detail. The last thing you want is to constantly adjust your laces or take your boots off because they are rubbing and causing blisters.

Nomad tip: To find the best fit, remove the sole from the boot and lay it down in front of you. Place your foot onto the sole to see if the fit is right for you.

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The terrain you’ll be hiking on should be considered when selecting a pair of boots. You’ll need a boot with good traction if you hike off-trail a lot. Don’t forget to take the weather into account. You’ll need insulated, waterproof boots if you’re hiking in a cold, wet environment. Simply put, you need a pair of boots that not only looks good but also makes you feel good.

If you’re looking for a boot that ticks all the boxes, the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE is the perfect choice. You can conquer any terrain in these stylish and comfortable boots.

No matter what your next adventure is, the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE trekking boots will help you reach the top!

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These trekking boots are perfect for:

  • Backpackers who plan to trek on a long trip! Let’s imagine you’re going to Asia for six months and want to do both relaxing sightseeing and some more physical adventures; this is definitely the boot for you. You’ll be equipped for a trek in Nepal, a jungle adventure in Thailand or visiting temples in Japan. With their lightweight design, you can hang them on your backpack or store them inside without feeling weighed down.
  • Travellers who want a piece of equipment they can use both at home and abroad! Don’t spend your money buying one pair of shoes to hike Mount Orford and another to trek through Peru. Kill two birds with one stone by investing in a pair of Mauria EVO GTX WIDE for all your trekking adventures.
  • Women with wider feet… It may not sound appealing, but if your foot often feels cramped inside your shoes, you may have a wide foot. Trying a wide-footed shoe like the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE will prevent you from going a size up in search of comfort.
  • Women hikers who need a durable, water-resistant boot! If you’re planning to trek in places where the weather changes quickly, you’ll be glad to have a model that has a waterproof GORE-TEX lining.
  • Anyone looking for good traction on any surface! Whether skirting a stream or climbing big rocks, you want your boot to have maximum grip.

But seriously, if you’re planning a hike or other outdoor activity, investing in a good pair of trekking boots like the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE will make a world of difference! You definitely won’t regret it.

My experience as a solo traveller in the Rockies with Mauria EVO GTX WIDE boots

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I was lucky enough to test a pair of Mauria EVO GTX WIDE trekking boots on a recent trip to the Rockies, and I can say without a doubt in my mind that they lived up to their reputation.

The fit was snug and comfortable, even after spending hours on the trail each day. The Vibram soles offered excellent traction on uneven, rocky ground. Never once did I worry that I would slip or lose my footing as I crossed streams and climbed steep hills.

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This was my first solo trek and having these boots on my feet gave me much more confidence to take on new adventures. I have done a few unguided, porterless treks worldwide, including the ascent of Mount Toubkal in Morocco and a 21-day trek in Nepal, but always accompanied by a friend. Taking on the Rockies alone was a little daunting, and I needed all the confidence I could get!

If you’re hiking alone, you want to avoid the possibility of getting hurt as much as possible. If you’re with other people and you twist your ankle, it’s not fun, but at least you’ll have someone there who can help you. However, it could be dangerous if you’re solo, especially on a path with little traffic.

Thanks to the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE, I felt protected during my solo hike. It also meant I had protection for my toes! If you ever get your foot stuck between rocks, the toe of this boot is much stronger than most other trekking boots.

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What I love about my Mauria EVO GTX WIDE boots:

  • From the moment you put these boots on, you’ll love how comfortable they are. No need to wear them several times to “break them in.”
  • LOWA’s unique lacing system prevents pressure points and ensures that your laces don’t come undone during your hike and that you don’t get stuck in them.
  • With their GORE-TEX lining, you’ll always stay dry in these boots to handle snow, mud, and water.
  • The wide fit is perfect for those with wider feet.
  • The Vibram sole provides a good grip on all surfaces.
  • The boot is entirely made in Europe of durable and water-resistant materials.
  • These boots are so light! It’s crazy; you’ll feel like you’re wearing shoes, but with the protection of a long-distance trekking boot.

Something to keep in mind

Some hikers may find the fit too loose. In this case, opt for the regular GORE-TEX version: the Mauria EVO GTX model or the same model in leather, the Mauria EVO LL.

© Nomad Junkies – Safia is wearing the new leather Mauria EVO LL

The best treks in the Rockies and around the world are waiting for you! Hit the trails in style with the new Mauria EVO GTX WIDE, and get ready to receive a ton of compliments.

© Nomad Junkies – Mauria EVO GTX WIDE

Ready to conquer the great outdoors!

So if you’re looking for a rugged, reliable boot that can take you anywhere, I highly recommend the Mauria EVO GTX WIDE. They’re comfortable, stylish, and built to last. Get your pair from Lowa.ca before your next adventure – you’ll be glad you did!

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