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How to Take Care of Your Skin Before, During and After a Trip

When you’re travelling out of your backpack, do you feel like you obsess over every possible detail except your skin? You might ask yourself these daily questions: “Which hostel am I going to sleep in tonight? What’s my next destination? How do I get there?” but somehow “How do I take care of my skin?” often gets left out of the mix.

The time difference, recirculated airplane air, change in routine and a different diet can wreak havoc on your skin. But don’t worry, there are tips and tricks for keeping your skin baby soft while travelling. With the right technique and the appropriate products, you will be able to continue to glow while travelling!


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To make your life as a traveller easier, Yves Rocher has a range of products adapted to your skin type:

  • Pure Algae: a wave of oxygenation (all skin types)
  • Pure Chamomile: the strength of softness (sensitive skin)
  • Pure Menthe: to shine without shining (combination to oily skin and/or skin with imperfections)

You can opt for comforting, rich or light textures designed to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Experts developed the natural and effective formulas explicitly for environmentally conscious travellers. The Pure range showcases natural products with biodegradable ingredients, making it simple to limit your impact on the environment. Finally, a feel-good skincare routine that benefits all travellers and doesn’t harm the planet!

Here’s what you need to do before, during and after your trip to ensure the most flawless skin.

Before your departure: 3 essential steps

Step 1

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Your pre-trip priority should be to cleanse your skin and moisturize it well. The dry, recycled air within an airplane cabin can quickly dehydrate your skin, causing an increase in sebum production, which can lead to breakouts. The first step to counteracting dehydration and acne is to cleanse your face at home thoroughly before departure.

Try the Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel Pure Algue. The Tetraselmis Micro-Alga will help oxygenate and detoxify your skin. The marine cleanser will rid your skin of its impurities and all traces of residual makeup.

Step 2

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The second step is to exfoliate your skin with the Pure Menthe Purifying Scrub. The product will reduce excess sebum and unclog your pores while removing dead skin. In addition to its refreshing scent, the organic peppermint purifies your skin. It’s also suitable for oily complexions. Goodbye imperfections!

If you prefer to stay in the PURE Algue range, opt for the Ultra-fresh Radiance Scrub. It will gently exfoliate, oxygenate and refresh your skin.

Step 3

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The most important thing before departure is to focus on hydration. Psst! We have a tip for you. Instead of using a regular moisturizer, apply a moisturizing mask before your flight and keep it on until your destination. This way, you guarantee enveloping protection and constant hydration throughout your trip. The Pure Algue Oxygenating Hydrating Mask is perfect for this. It deeply hydrates and revitalizes the skin. Your face will be radiant and healthy and ready to face the elements, even at the top of Machu Picchu!

During your trip

What to bring in your backpack

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To minimize weight and maximize space in your luggage, you want to pack products that perform several functions. We recommend carrying two versatile products that fit nicely in your backpack. Easy peasy. 

Opt for a 3 in 1 product

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You will use the Pure Menthe 3 in 1 Cleanser daily to welcome clean, purified and exfoliated skin (without drying it out). The 3 in 1 formula unblocks the pores and rids the skin of blackhead-causing impurities. It’s the perfect solution to save space in your backpack. You’ll love having a cleanser, toner and scrub all in one product. In just a few days, you will see a marked improvement in your skin. Coming back from a trip with even more radiant skin is almost too good to be true!

If you’re a fan of the Pure Algue range, you can try the 3 in 1 PURE Algue Makeup Removing Marine Jelly, which cleanses, purifies and detoxifies the skin.

Don’t forget to bring a product that removes sunscreen as well!

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For sunny days, the Pure Algue Oxygenating Cleansing Foam is your new BFF. Its ultra-light foaming formula will infuse freshness into your skin. The airy formula is perfectly designed to remove sunscreen residue. It is suitable for normal to combination skin, including tight skin that lacks hydration or is a little dull. Results? Hydrated, oxygenated and fresh skin. Keep up that natural glow, even when travelling!

If your skin is sensitive, you can use the Pure Chamomile Soothing Makeup Removing Micellar Water to get rid of excess sunscreen. The blend of oil and surfactants is ideal for cleansing your skin after days at the beach. Plus, the scent is as soothing as an essential oil massage after yoga! Apply this flower-based product all over your face for a calming effect and to protect your skin.


The mix & match masks

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The famous homecoming! Travelling is fulfilling for the soul, but it is also hard on the skin. Not only is it stressed out from air travel, but then it might be exposed to tropical heat and humidity or subarctic temperatures. Don’t panic: the important thing is to continue your skincare routine when you get home.

Maximize the effects of several products by attempting a mix & match of masks.

Start by applying a mask to your T-zone.

Apply the other mask to your cheeks

Where you usually feel dryness and redness, apply the Pure Chamomile Soothing Foam Mask. Chamomile is known to reduce sensitivity and repair the skin. It will almost instantly calm any feelings of discomfort. Your skin will be more supple and soothed.

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Bonus: Tips for nomads to take care of their skin while travelling

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  • Force yourself to drink lots of water! Easier said than done, but try to hydrate yourself sufficiently. We know that drinking water equates to beautiful skin. If you drink alcohol or coffee, the trick is to force yourself to consume at least one glass of water between each drink.
  • Get enough sleep (even if it’s challenging). We get it. Between the jet lag, the guy snoring in the dormitory and getting up at 3 am to go on a hike, it’s not always easy to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is bad for your skin, so try to create an environment for yourself to sleep well, either by listening to relaxing music, sleeping with a sleep mask on your eyes or using earplugs to cut you off from ambient noise.
  • Wear clothes made of natural fibres. Tight, rayon, or nylon clothing can cause rashes. Learn how to dress according to your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. Be sure to pack clothes that breathe and are loose and made of cotton, especially if you travel to tropical countries. Namaste!
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It’s possible to have a good skincare routine while travelling, and it can be affordable!

Treat yourself by using promo code NOMAD20YR50 to get $20 off your order on the Yves Rocher website (for any purchase of $50 or more).

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Partnership presented by Yves Rocher Canada

This article was originally published in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

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