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7 Destinations for a Dream Holiday this Fall

If you’re anything like me, chasing the sun is your favourite pastime. As you’re counting the last summer days, I bet you’re already thinking of ways to spice up your fall (pumpkin lattes aside) and keep the holiday momentum going. A fall escapade doesn’t have to throw off your yearly budget. Aeroplan is celebrating its 35th anniversary and giving away a total of 38.5 million miles to 45 lucky winners! From August 22 to September 25, you could win one of 10 Grand Prizes of 3.5 million miles! That’s not all, with the gift that keeps on giving, 35 lucky members will also have the chance to win 100,000 miles by sharing a photo on social media using the hashtag #withAeroplan during the contest. This is their biggest contest ever – Imagine jetting off anywhere around the world for an endless summer. There are many beautiful destinations where you can still catch some rays and stay golden to help you forget that the dreaded days of winter are fast approaching.

In need of inspiration? Here are seven dream destinations I would love to visit in the fall for the holiday of a lifetime… or simply if I became an Aeroplan Miles millionaire!

1. Italy

Fall Travel ItalyImagine riding your moped along quaint cobblestone streets, weaving your way into unique family-owned shops to adorn yourself in the latest Italian fashions, and indulging in fresh homemade pasta with a glass of red vino in hand. If Italy is on your bucket list, enjoy la dolce vita in the fall without all the tourists! Rome is a great first stop, but then you MUST visit the coastal region of Cinque Terre. Built into the towering rocky coastlines are five colourful towns with rich history. Take a ferry from Monterosso al Mare to Riomaggiore, making stops along the way or hop on the train that passes through. Eat too much gelato and go for a refreshing dip in the Italian Riviera.

2. Spain

SpainIf breathtaking architecture, tapas-style food, interesting art, and Flamenco music is your jam, put Spain on your fall travel itinerary. Early autumn is truly the best time to go—you can walk the streets in shorts and a t-shirt (maybe a light jacket) without feeling too hot or too cold. Pride is at the heart of this beautiful land and with artists such as Salvatore Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Guadi, who can disagree? The iconic La Sagrada Familia church is a hard to miss landmark in Barcelona; it literally towers over the city and has been in constant construction since 1882. For a taste of true Spanish nightlife, see what the extravaganza of Ibiza is all about from one VIP party to the next. Don’t forget to try the famous paella accompanied with wine (or Sangria!) grown in one of the most vineyard-dense countries in the world.

3. Zanzibar

ZanzibarZanzibar located in Tanzania in the Indian Ocean is a great place to visit in September or October, before their rainy season starts. Stone Town (former hub of the Spice Trade), within the region’s capital Zanzibar City, is a busy World Heritage site known for mixing Arab, Persian, Indian, European, and African culture. For a more relaxed vibe, pack your bathing suit because Zanzibar boasts beautiful warm tropical beaches and is a haven for scuba divers with its diverse marine life and coral reefs.

Fun fact: You’ll be on Swahili time which means clock numbers aren’t really important; just go about your day according to the sun from the porch of your private villa overlooking the ocean.

4. Jordan

most salinatedJordan is one of the most beautiful spots in the Middle East – ranked one of the region’s most peaceful countries in 2015. With arid mountain landscapes, photogenic views, fascinating archeological sites, and friendly people, it’s certainly a favourite destination amongst world travellers. You’re smart to go between September and November when the air temperatures are comfortable (averaging mid to high-20 degrees Celsius) and the water is warm and marine life is buzzing. Channel your inner Indiana Jones at the ancient city of Petra which earned its title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique ancient architecture. Here you will see civilizations carved meticulously into the rock. Feeling like a float? The Dead Sea is the lowest and most saline body of water on earth, making for a relaxing swim. Luxury resorts are plentiful; maybe this is the place to splurge if you can!

5. Japan

Osaka JaponA trip to the founding nation of sumo wrestling, samurai warriors, and geishas is not complete without a visit to Tokyo, the country’s capital and home to the most Michelin stars in the world. Indulge in world-class Ramen noodles, fresh sushi, and tempura; only some of the few national delicacies to try. Treat yourself at luxurious glamping-style resort in the Yamanashi Prefecture where you’ll experience bliss in nature with views of Mount Fuji.  Then, hop on the bullet train for the opportunity to see some traditional Japanese Zen gardens, such as the famous Ryoan-Ji Temple in Kyoto. Attend a private Matcha tea ceremony in traditional kimono while exploring Kyoto. The climate in the fall is ideal with cool dewy mornings and considerably less rain than in the summer months.

6. Fiji

FijiSay “Bula Bula” to your next dream tropical beach vacation in Fiji! Mostly untouched by modern life, you’ll unplug as you observe island time and enjoy the food, rituals, festivals, and art of the local indigenous people. Participate in a Kava ceremony and delight in Meke: a traditional dance that combines movement and storytelling. The best place to watch the sunrise is on the southern coast of Viti Levu. Spoil yourself with the ultimate tropical getaway and stay in an overwater bungalow on a gorgeous lagoon. Wake up to the gentle lull of the ocean in this exclusive piece of paradise and spend the day exploring nearby reefs for the most exotic underwater adventures.

7. New Zealand

Nouvelle-ZélandeNew Zealand is the 6th largest island country in the world with an extremely long (15,000km) beach-filled coastline and fjords, active volcanoes, caverns, glacier lakes, snow-fed rivers, and towering mountains ready to explore. Fall is the best time to visit because summer is their winter and it just starts to warm up in October. For this reason, New Zealand is the perfect spot to engage in extreme sports such as bungee jumping, river rafting, and biking from wineries – especially in Queenstown. Auckland is the largest city and a cultural hub for entertainment, art, and cuisine. Enjoy a traditional Maori hangi feast, which is comprised of seafood, meat, and vegetables steamed together in an earthen oven. Rubgy is a staple sport so check out a match if you can!

Travel in the Fall as an Aeroplan Miles Millionaire!

If the end of summer has you feeling down, put your daydreams to action and start planning your next vacay. Fall is one of the best times to travel as school is in and most tourists are out, not to mention the climate is much cooler and more pleasant.

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Dream big and have fun!

Where would you go with 3.5 million Aeroplan Miles?

Emilie Robichaud
Emilie Robichaud
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