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Don’t Instagram This Moment

Have you ever found yourself in that absolutely, breathtaking, Instagram-perfect moment? If you’re a traveller in 2019, the chances are that you have … often.

We want to make these moments last, so, of course, we grab our trusty little travel companion in an attempt to snap the perfect picture. We take the shot from every possible angle, trying to capture even a fraction of the actual beauty onto our phones. Throw a fancy filter on it, adjust the brightness and wait for the “oohs” and “ahhs” from all of your friends and family back home (and the outpouring of likes… don’t worry, we won’t judge!). They tell us how lucky we are and how beautiful everything is and we bask in the satisfaction of knowing that we are living in the now … or are we?

Sometimes we spend so much time making sure that our picture-perfect moments are “Instagram-worthy” that we forget to actually appreciate all of the beauty of the world surrounding us. We basically just “do it for the ‘Gram”. There are plenty of times when you should put your phone away and just enjoy life.

3 Travel Situations That Are More Fun Without Instagram


Have you ever felt like going back in time to when you were a kid, and you didn’t rely on your phone for … well, absolutely everything? Back to when times were simpler and if you made plans with people you stuck to them because you had no way of contacting everyone to back out last minute? A time when boredom led to creativity and spontaneous adventures rather than endlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook? Island life is like that. It’s pure, it’s easy, and it’s oh so refreshing.

Perhentians - Don't Instagram This Moment - Nomad Junkies
Jessika Bertrand

Head over to a place like Kecil Island in the Perhentians to see what it’s like to disconnect. It’s a tiny island and although there is internet, it’s shoddy and highly unreliable. Instead, backpackers tend to gravitate towards one another and like … talk … to each other. I know! Crazy right? Instead of using their phones, people occupy their time by scuba diving, trekking, playing volleyball or merely hanging out at the beach. It’s the type of place where you can genuinely get to know people because their attention is in the moment rather than in their phones.


Let’s face it, if you’re backpacking, chances are you will end up somewhere where parties are quite prominent. You know that everybody has the same mindset and that it’s likely going to be a rager. You can feel the vibe in the air and the excitement in the streets. The hostels are bustling and the music is just right. All around you, people are smiling and chatting away with one another. If that’s the case, put your phone away. Even though the moment feels perfect to you, there’s just no way that you can capture all of its greatness into a photo. You just need to live it.

Full Moon Party - Don't Instagram This Moment - Nomad Junkies
Jessika Bertrand

Thailand is a perfect example of this environment. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ve probably attended a Full Moon party … or half-moon … or just any party, really. You know that things can get a little wild and messy. The drinks are flowing while fire dancers and DJs bring everyone together in perfect harmony. Sure, if you had your phone with you, you might be able to take a couple of good shots, but mostly they’ll be blurry and will probably make no sense the next morning. Even worse is the fact that you’re taking the risk of losing your phone during the evening. It’s amazing how many peoples’ nights get ruined because they are helplessly searching for their lost phones. Best to forget the phone and enjoy the party!


There’s something so charming and exciting about getting lost somewhere and having to find your way back using only your instincts, advice from the locals and perhaps an old map. Leave your phone and the GPS at home for this adventure! Of course, doing this isn’t recommended everywhere because you also want to feel safe while navigating around a new place, but there are indeed a few spots to do it!

Venice - Don't Instagram This Moment - Nomad Junkies
Jessika Bertrand

Venice, Italy is a perfect place to get lost in and to have an adventure. Just make sure that you know the location of your original destination and set out for a fantastic day of discoveries and explorations. It’s full of narrow streets, passages and canals. You’ll be so charmed by all of the architecture and beauty that this city has to offer that you won’t even feel like you’re lost. The nice thing is that if ever you do find that you’ve lost your way, you can always ask one of the friendly locals who will happily offer a helping hand.

No matter which destination you choose, everyone deserves to take a break from the constant buzz and hassle of social media. Take a moment to just wind-down and to appreciate the simple moments in life. You’ll be glad that you did

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by Instagram while travelling? What are your favourite moments to leave your phone at home?

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