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Do it Yourself: Explore Tallahassee in Northwest Florida

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Are you up for an adventure? Just wait until you see the new series Wanderlust: Florida that premiers on The Weather Network on February 20, 2022! I couldn’t wait until it aired, so I explored its featured places in advance. I’m so excited to share the details on how to discover these little-known and exotic attractions for yourself. Grab your backpack and fly to Tallahassee, Florida. Rest assured, it has nothing to do with your grandparents’ Florida! You’ll soon discover Northwest Florida and the warm Old South charm that it offers, in your own unique way.

Located just below Alabama and Georgia state lines, Tallahassee is the capital of Florida. This surprising city will dazzle you with its vibrant, academic, historical side and atypical nature. The metropolitan area is surrounded by “Canopy Trees,” towering conifers that give this destination an incredible vibe!

What activities can you do in Tallahassee, Florida?

Explore the Caves at Florida Caverns State Park

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Are you ready to explore the depths of the underworld? Get to this provincial park just an hour’s drive from Tallahassee. Once there, head to the Gift Shop to register for the next available guided tour. The tour costs only USD 10.75 per person, and it’s amazing!

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By following your guide, you will sink into the depths of these mysterious caves full of stalactites and stalagmites and cool fresh air. You’ll learn new and exciting facts at every cave you visit. You might even see bats! While you wait to watch the episodes in Wanderlust: Florida, I will confirm that it’s a breathtaking place. 

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Zipline and Tree to Tree at the Tallahassee Museum

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Ready to step out of your comfort zone? Stifle your vertigo and prepare to live out a unique experience thanks to this aerial course! Don’t be fooled by the name “museum”; the Tallahassee Museum is a huge 52-acre playground of breathtaking flora and fauna!

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After equipping yourself with a harness and gloves, you will receive some mini zip line training. You will then take in the biodiversity below from the treetops! This magical setting will stimulate all your senses.

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Nomadic tip: There are three levels to the course. The most photogenic part, which you must not miss, is at the very end, during the third course.

Soak up the 19th-century heritage in the city center

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The image of the golden sun between the branches of the “Canopy Trees” will stay vivid in your mind long after visiting the city centre. We love how it takes us on a journey through time and perfectly reflects the traditional atmosphere of the South. The city of Tallahassee sits on a series of rolling hills, which means you have some interesting views when you drive. For example, the Florida State Capitol is a monumental building constructed of white stucco in 1824 that appears to rule over the city. Be sure to stop there for a few minutes to soak up the place.

Nomadic tip: Take the Apalache Pkwy Boulevard by car and head towards the famous Florida State Capitol. Before you reach the building, you will see it imposing itself in the distance. So impressive was the optical effect of the hills that it gave us chills.

Explore Railroad Square Art Park

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Even though it is the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is far from being a city filled with civil servants! It is, on the contrary, a vibrant, young and alternative place. Head to the Railroad Square Art District, and you will find a village of hipsters and bohemian artists!

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Prepare to stumble across 50 studios featuring artists of all kinds, vintage shops, local artisans and many other treasures. You can also have a drink at Railroad Square Craft House, a colourful open-air art garden. It’s a “free spirit” sort of place that will appeal to the traveller in you! The sheer creativity of the modern art murals will inspire you.

Where to eat in Tallahassee, Florida?

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If you’re a foodie at heart, the city of Tallahassee has got you covered! Whether you love food trucks or fancy restaurants, the choices are endless!

Madison Social

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If you want a college kind of vibe, head to Madison Social. Right next to Florida State University, this pub has a yummy gourmet menu.

Nomadic Tip: Try the Chicken Cobb Salad! As their server will tell you, this well-balanced dish will satisfy your taste buds, nourish your body and be kind to your figure.

Izzy Pub & Sushi

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When you open the door of Izzy Pub Sushi, you suddenly find yourself in Japan! The decor and atmosphere are identical to that of traditional Japanese pubs. Sit down at the bar and grab your chopsticks to enjoy the best sushi of your life!

Nomadic tip: Order the Garnet & Gold roll, which combines coconut shrimp and tempura, cream cheese, crab and spicy tuna, all wrapped in thin pieces of mango covered in a creamy sauce.

Table 23

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At the corner of one of the most trendy streets for locals in Tallahassee, Table 23 restaurant will give you the real southern experience. After stepping onto the illuminating porch, you will enter a welcoming restaurant bar offering all sorts of local fare. The place is one of the most popular in the area, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

If you’re planning a tropical Florida road trip, it’s worth considering renting a campervan from Miami to enhance your adventure. 

Want more inspiration from off-the-beaten-track destinations in Florida?

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This breathtaking four-part docuseries will blow your mind with off-the-beaten-path destinations in Northwest Florida chronicled by the people who live there. Don’t miss this new series on The Weather Network!

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Grab your backpack and some sunscreen! When is your next trip to Florida?

This article was originally published in French and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

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