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Digital Nomad: The Equipment You Need to Work From Anywhere

Whether you have been a digital nomad for a short time or a very long time, you have inevitably noticed the difference between travelling while working and having a fixed office space! You swapped the beige walls for breathtaking views and your coffee break for surf sessions. You wouldn’t trade your new lifestyle for the world, but maybe some aspects could be better. Making conference calls in noisy cafes or working from the hostel’s bunk bed is far from helping your productivity. Perhaps you need to upgrade your Digital Nomad equipment.

To help you get organized, look professional in your conference calls or protect your electronics on the move, here is the complete list of items for your future Digital Nomad equipment kit.

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Digital Nomad Essentials

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1. Voltage Converter and Universal Adapter ($39)

Unlike a simple travel adapter that only changes the plug shape, not the voltage (a rookie mistake, I know, but been there done that!), this travel voltage converter is the perfect two-in-one solution for the digital nomad. In addition to the carrying pouch, it offers USB ports and adapters for six types of sockets.

Buy the converter and adapter from Amazon.

2. Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse ($20)

One thing you don’t have time for when you’re on the road is handling AAA batteries! This simple design mouse is Bluetooth compatible and rechargeable. Unlike other models (Apple’s *cough cough* Magic Mouse), you can find the recharging connector on the front. You can therefore continue to use your mouse, even when it’s plugged in.

Buy the Bluetooth Mouse from Amazon.

3. Anker Portable Charger ($49)

Compact and durable, the Anker charger will charge your iPhone quickly when you’re on the go. We can say bye-bye to that panicked feeling when you see your battery at 5%!

Buy Anker Portable Charger from Amazon.

4. Anker USB Hub ($59)

A true must for the digital nomad, the Anker USB hub is a 7-in-1 device that offers HDMI, Micro SD, SD card, Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports. It is powerful, compact, portable and even comes with its own tiny travel pouch. So cute!

Buy the Anker USB Hub from Amazon.

5. Kindle ($139)

This electronic e-reader will keep you entertained while you wait at the airport. It is perfect for carrying your entire collection of books without cluttering your backpack or weighing it down with extra pounds.  

Buy the Kindle from Amazon.

Best Digital Nomad Equipment for Videoconferencing

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6. Bose QuietComfort ® Headphones ($349)

Whether you’re a digital nomad or not, these headphones from Bose are perfect on the road! They are small, wireless, do not take up space in your backpack, offer noise-cancelling, are resistant to sweat and lousy weather and offer 6 hours of battery life.

Buy the QuietComfort® Headphones from Amazon.

7. GorillaPod ($49)

This flexible cell phone holder is perfect for all your client conferences. It is compact with rubber feet for stability on any surface. Work aside; you’ll also particularly love how flexible this tripod is for taking selfies in the wilderness. Yes! You should capture your beautiful, tanned self!

Buy the GorillaPod from Amazon.

8. Portable LED Ring Light ($15)

Are you tired of looking like you’re living in a cave when you’re on a video conference? This compact clip-on ring light is perfect for giving you professional lighting on your cell phone. We like its versatility and the fact that it recharges via USB.

Buy the LED Ring Light from Amazon.

Protect Your Stuff!

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9. Origami Case for Kindle ($19)

Protect your e-reader in style with this origami-inspired case. It comes in several colours, and its innovative design features allow it to fold into a functional stand.

Buy the Origami Case from Amazon.

10. Laptop Cable Lock (from $27)

Do you like going to work in cafes, but leaving your computer (and therefore half of your life) unattended makes you freak out? The anti-theft laptop cable, available with a combination or key system, will finally bring you peace of mind.

Buy the Laptop Cable Lock from Amazon.

11. NordVPN ($4 per month)

While on the road, you will have to connect to free Wi-Fi networks in cafes, airports, youth hostels… you name it! So you should really consider purchasing a VPN! In a nutshell, a VPN protects your data from your cell phone, phone or tablet by encrypting your internet connection.

The other interesting point about NordVPN is that it allows you to “choose” your geographical location. You can therefore buy plane tickets at local prices or even access sites only available in certain countries (such as tout.tv or TF1) from anywhere in the world.

Buy a NordVPN subscription here.

12. Waterproof Protective Sleeve for Laptop ($19)

Protect your laptop from dust, scratches and bumps with this waterproof padded protective sleeve (hello, coffee spills!). Available in several sizes and colours, whatever case you choose has a second integrated pocket perfect for storing your notebook and headphones.

Buy the waterproof protective sleeve from Amazon.

Organization 101 for Digital Nomad Equipment

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13. Cable Organizer ($18)

If there is one problem that the digital nomad knows too well, it’s a backpack full of jumbled wires! Alleviate your worst pet peeve using a dedicated pouch for all your wires and cables. Marie Kondo would be proud of you.

Buy the Cable Organizer from Amazon.

14. LaCie Rugged® External Hard Drive ($187)

Organize and transport your data in a compact and super rugged hard drive. Resistant to water and dust, the LaCie Rugged® is well-known in the photo and video community. This hard drive will accompany you and survive all your adventures, no matter where you decide to go!

Buy the LaCie Rugged® Hard Drive from Amazon.

15. Nexstand Laptop Stand ($26)

Perfect for giving you a comfortable and ergonomic posture, this stand is adjustable and folds up to be super compact. We love that!

Buy the Nexstand Laptop Stand from Amazon.

What are some of your must-have Digital Nomad essentials?

This article was originally published in French by Catherine Bégin and adapted in English by Britney Claveau.

Britney Claveau
Britney Claveau
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