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Insure Your Trips With soNomad for Less Than a Cup of Coffee per Day

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Travel insurance can be more affordable than you think—it’s all about making the right choice. You may not know, but insurance companies and travel agencies can sometimes drain you with outrageous commissions.

Save some money for your travel treats and buy affordable travel insurance with soNomad. It gives you great coverage without burning a hole in your wallet!

Your travel insurance could cost you between $3 and $5 per day!

Check it out for yourself here with your upcoming travel dates; you’ll see it’s cheaper than your daily dose of Starbucks.

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Why choose soNomad?

If you haven’t heard of soNomad yet, it’s about time you did!

This company is revolutionizing the world of travel insurance with a unique and economical approach.

On average, you save up to 25% compared to other travel insurance companies.

With soNomad, there are no sneaky minimum fees per transaction. Every penny saved means more money for your travels.

soNomad also offers coverage for a wide variety of sports and activities, from skiing to surfing, and much more!

Getting a quote online is quick and super easy. Be insured in less than 2 minutes, so buy your insurance today and travel tonight if you want! #YOLO

Get your travel insurance now with soNomad

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need it (especially at this price)!

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Should an accident occur, you might find yourself spending thousands of dollars on medical bills. Let’s say you break a leg in the United States, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

To give you an idea of how ridiculous it would be to go without it, here are some examples of travel insurance rates you can get with soNomad:

A weekend getaway to Miami

Miami is the perfect combination of warmth and vibrant nightlife. You find all the entertainment you can expect from a large American city, with beautiful beaches to work on your tan and people-watch at South Beach.

Lisa, a 28-year-old Montrealer, paid only $7.50 for her 3-day travel insurance with soNomad.

A 10-day adventure in Costa Rica

Who wouldn’t want to escape to this tropical paradise in the middle of a brutal Canadian  winter? Explore lush jungles full of biodiversity, take surfing lessons, or relax on a wild beach.

A couple with two children from Sherbrooke, booking their vacation, will only pay $41 for travel insurance with soNomad for the whole family.

Two weeks in Guatemala

If you’re looking for a mix of adventure, culture, and beaches, “Guate” is THE place. Clearly, going on an excursion to sleep near an active volcano should be a good enough reason to consider getting travel insurance.

Tom, 32, from Quebec, booked a two-week trip and got his soNomad travel insurance for only $28.15.

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FAQ on travel insurance

Is it worth taking travel insurance for a short trip?

Of course!  Regardless of whether you’re travelling for a few days or a couple of months, you’re still susceptible to experiencing “bad luck.”

With soNomad, you can get insurance even for short trips.

How much does travel insurance cost in Canada?

It depends on various factors, such as the duration of your trip, the destination, and the type of coverage. With soNomad, you’ll find competitive and transparent rates so you can travel worry-free without breaking the bank.

How can I get travel insurance in Canada?

It’s simple! By booking online, you can get travel insurance with soNomad in just a few clicks. No complicated paperwork—just quick and efficient coverage for your next trip.

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What does travel insurance cover?

It depends on your needs! Travel insurance with soNomad offers either medical coverage only or comprehensive coverage, including trip cancellations, flight delays, baggage loss, and much more. On their website, you can see the different options by adding your travel dates.

Do I need travel insurance for a trip to another province in Canada?

Absolutely! Even when travelling within Canada, travel insurance can be useful to protect you as medical costs can vary from one province to another.

Can I buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

Yes, it’s actually a good time to do so! With soNomad, you can buy travel insurance even after booking your flight.

Ideally, you want to get your travel insurance before your departure, and typically when you book a flight, your trip becomes a concrete plan.

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What happens if I want to stay on a trip longer than the duration of my travel insurance?

No problem! You just need to extend your ongoing coverage. Ideally, it’s best to extend before your insurance expires, so set a reminder in your calendar for the end date of your travel insurance (your planned return date). If your plans change, send an email or call soNomad to extend.

Is the travel insurance included with my credit card enough?

The travel insurance included with a credit card may not cover all aspects of your trip. It’s often limited to a few days, 10 days, or 14 days of travel. So if you’re travelling for longer, you really need to get additional travel insurance.

Also, if you’re going off-the-beaten-path during your trips, you may sometimes need to pay for your accommodation in cash, and some credit cards require that your accommodation AND flight be purchased with their card in order to cover you.

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Can I get a refund if I return from a trip earlier than planned?

With soNomad, if you need to return early, unused days can be refunded, provided, of course, that you haven’t made any claims. Contact soNomad to discuss your specific situation.

How can I choose the right insurance plan for me?

First, identify your specific needs, whether it’s for a short stay, an adventure trip, or a long stay. Different plans are designed to fit a variety of situations, so choose the one that best suits your plans.

What are the benefits of getting your travel insurance online with soNomad?

It’s quick, efficient, and hassle-free. In less than two minutes, you can be insured and ready to go. No paperwork, no waiting.

If I am young and healthy, do I need travel insurance?

Regardless of your age and physical condition, the unexpected can happen at any time during a trip. Whether it’s an illness, a flight cancellation, or an unforeseen incident, travel insurance ensures you are covered, providing essential peace of mind.

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Travel with peace of mind!

So don’t wait until you twist your ankle on a trip to take action; protect yourself before you leave.

Get your travel insurance now with soNomad

Nomad Junkies’ founders are proud to be ambassadors for soNomad and on a mission to reduce travel insurance costs for all!

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