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7 Items You Need for Your Next Beach Holiday With Your Mini Nomad

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If you’re dreaming of a trip at the beach with your mini nomad, you’ve probably wondered what to pack.

Whether you’re off on a backpacking trip, a little camping getaway, or even enjoying some R&R at an all-inclusive, here are 7 products from the Canadian company bblüv that you’ll want to try for your next vacation. With those, you’ll be able to enjoy your beach holiday with your kids (almost!) stress-free.

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With those products, you’ll be able to enjoy your beach holiday with your kids (almost!) stress-free.

1. On-the-go paddling pool for baby

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With the summer heat, if you don’t have any access to a pool near you, the Spläsh paddling pool will save your life! This little paddling pool can be installed almost everywhere: in the garden, on your balcony, at the park or the beach. All you have to do is fill up the little collapsible bucket included with the Spläsh, transfer the water to the paddling pool and let the fun begin.

It’s perfect for little ones getting used to playing safely in the water and parents who don’t want to worry too much. The only question is: when can we expect an adult version?

2. Anti-UV tent for little ones (and for the older ones)

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Admit it, the idea of carrying around a huge umbrella during your vacation sounds like the worst idea ever, with or without children. That’s why the Sunkitö anti-UV play tent, protecting your baby from the sun and the mosquitoes, is the perfect product for a beach day every day with your mini. There’s also enough place for you to steal a bit of shade when it is too sunny.

The installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Take the tent out of the transport bag, and there you go; you’re ready to enjoy another beautiful day outdoors! Putting the tent back into its transport bag might require practice, but it’s definitely worth the trouble!

3. Portable beach pool

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Imagine having a private pool directly at the beach, but for your mini. Nothing is easier than the Arenä pop-up beach pool: dig a lil’ hole in the sand, put the portable pool in the hole and fill it with water using the included bucket. With the Arenä, your kid will enjoy it as much as you, especially when the beach conditions are not always kid-friendly.

You’ll see, this portable pool is perfect for babies who are starting to walk and want to move in the water without any limits. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to relax with a daiquiri in your hands while your mini is having fun in the water! (With constant supervision, of course!)

4. Play tent and travelling bed for babies

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You’ll fall in love with the 2 in 1 Nidö Mini tent for little ones who are not yet mobile. This tent is so versatile that you’ll want to use it everywhere: at the cottage, at the park, at the beach, at the pool, EVERYWHERE!

Forget the iPad or Paw Patrol, your mini is going to marvel with the little suspended toys in the tent while being protected from the UV rays of the sun and bugs.

Bonus: you can use the Nidö Mini as a travel bed or for on-the-go naps.

Tested and approved during a trip in Mexico in a mosquito-infested room and a bed too small for co-sleeping. 

5. Training jacket for swimming

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Is your child so resourceful that their feet are already in the water in the time it takes to cheer with your new lounge chair neighbours? Don’t worry, put their Näj swim vest on, and your kids will be so comfortable in it that they’ll want to wear it all day long (and all night long!)

This neoprene swim vest, designed for kids from 1 to 6 years old, will give you peace of mind while your little one learns to swim and enjoys playing in the water without fear.

Also, the Näj is so cute that all parents at the beach will be eyeing it with envy.

6. Water shoes for babies

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Have you ever run on the beach, not to get in shape, but because the sand was burning hot? Well, with the Shoöz neoprene water shoes, your little one’s feet will be protected from hot sand and little rocks that can hurt your kids.

Even if your mini hates to wear any type of shoes, they’ll fall in love with those water shoes, because they’re as comfortable as a pair of socks.

7. Electric Anti-Mosquito Lamp

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The Moskitö lamp will become your best friend when mosquito season is in full swing. Name something more annoying than being woken up by the bzzzzzz of a mosquito in your ear.

During your travel, the Moskitö is going to be very convenient, especially considering the higher transmission risks of Zika, dengue and malaria in some tropical countries.

You won’t be able to live without it on your next vacation at the cottage or even at home to protect your entire family from mosquitoes.

Bonus: Portable Silicone Meal Kit

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Who says vacation, says more dining out! With the Pöket feeding set, getting your mini to eat on the go has never been so simple (and clean!).

This lightweight and compact kit comes with a silicone spoon and two bibs, which fold in on themselves to take up as little space as possible in your bag.

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Thanks to those practical and fun products, your summer vacations will be amazing! From the swim vest to the water shoes to portable meal sets, bblüv has everything you need to be stress-free during your trip.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags! Which bblüv product will you bring for your sunny vacations with your mini?

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