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6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits

Ah, Valentine’s Day… the day where romance fills the air and couples come together to celebrate their love… or whatever people are calling it these days.

For some, this means showering one another with gifts while others prefer to spend the day/evening together in a romantic setting. Some choose to ignore the day altogether, not wanting to be another couple that succumbs to the superficial traditions of a Hallmark holiday.

Whatever your vibe, I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing quite as romantic, and maybe a little exciting and challenging, than going on a trip with your partner. Whether you’ve travelled together many times or whether you’re about to embark on your first adventure abroad, these quirky dating cultures are sure to ignite a little spark in your wanderlust hearts.

The Dating Culture in France

Montmartre Paris - 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies

If you’ve ever been to France, chances are you have been blown away by its majestic beauty. In France, people don’t “date” the way people in North America might. Instead, people often go out on group dates and form romantic connections.

It is not uncommon for a lot of flirting to take place amongst the French as they are very flirtatious! Don’t be mistaken, though! The French do love to flirt, but for them, it’s more about the chase than the actual catch. It’s all fun and games… until it isn’t, that is. If a kiss is exchanged, there is no need to have the “are we exclusive?” conversation because… well, you are.

Date ideas for couples in France:

❤️ Share a kiss on Pont Des Amours (In Annecy) and your love will last forever.
❤️ Sip champagne in… Champagne
❤️ Indulge at one of the 7 Michelin-starred restaurants in Colmar. Ooh La La!
❤️ Spark the romance in Montmartre, where “I love you” is written in over 300 languages on a romantic wall
❤️ Secure your love with a love lock in Paris

The Dating Culture in South Korea

Lotte World South Korea - 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies
Jessika Bertrand

If you’re the type of person that gags at all the cuteness and romance that comes along with February 14th, then you should probably stay away from South Korea during the month of February… and March for that matter. You see, Korean couples are so cute that they do it all! Flowers and chocolates… yes! Matching outfits? Bring it on! Constant texting with nauseatingly cute emojis and stickers…? You bet! Koreans are in love with love… or at least the appearance of looking in love.

On February 14th, the girls usually give their partner a nice little gift to celebrate their love. On March 14th (White Day), the favour is then returned, and the boys give their partners white chocolates or flowers. If you don’t end up receiving anything on either of those days, you can always celebrate Black Day on April 14th which is a day for all the singles… Fair warning, though, South Korea is not so big on PDA, so if your night is going really well and you go in for the kiss, make sure that you’re not in a very crowded area or you might get some dirty looks.

Date ideas for couples in South Korea:

  • Lock love at Namsan Tower
  • Share a bowl of shaved ice
  • Experience the magic of Lotte World… It’s like a knock-off Disney
  • Watch the Banpo Bridge water and light show
  • Visit the Sky Rose Garden

The Dating Culture in Sweden

Bicycle Sweden - 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies
Jessika Bertrand

Those of you that have been lucky enough to visit Sweden know that it’s a beautiful country with many lovely people. Life just always seems so calm and straightforward for the Swedes… yet somehow, their dating culture is so complicated. In fact, I shouldn’t even call it “dating” because that is kind of a taboo word in Sweden. Instead, people prefer to Fika, which basically means to go for a casual coffee together.

In Sweden, people barely flirt with one-another…unless they are a bit tipsy that is. So if you plan on getting some flirting done while in Sweden, make sure you go to a pub or a party where the alcohol is flowing. Swedish men are not well known for being good at flirting. Actually, they are quite awkward at it. It’s a good thing that gender equality can come in and save the day. In fact, most men won’t actually make the first move, as they expect that the girl probably will. On that same note ladies, don’t expect the man to pay. Gents, if the girl says “no thanks”… she means it, so don’t insist unless you intend to insult.

Date ideas for couples in Sweden:

  • Have a romantic picnic in Kungsparken in Malmo
  • Rent some bikes and tour the city, any Swedish city, really…
  • Catch a concert in Lilla Torg
  • Go see the Northern Lights in Lapland
  • Visit a cute café and Fika

The Dating Culture in Poland

Warsaw Poland - 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies

Poland might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of romance, but let’s try to challenge that idea. With its old charm, cobblestone streets and abundance of jazz bars, Krakow is practically begging you to go out for a “date” night. If your date doesn’t charm you, the city certainly will.

In Poland, they have adopted the western culture of celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, in Poland, there’s more than meets the eye because they also have something called Dyngus Day (yeah, the name could use a little work, but hey, who are we to judge?) Dyngus Day usually happens on the Monday after Easter and is a big “wet” celebration where boys go out and spray (or drench) their crushes with water. I mean, if my crush drenched me in water, I would probably call him a Dyngus too, so the name is fitting.

Date Ideas for Couples in Poland:

  • Have a unique cocktail at the Harris Piano Jazz Bar
  • Take a walk to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec
  • Visit the breathtaking Jewish District (Kazimierz) of Krakow
  • Lock your love on Tumski Bridge
  • Enjoy a stroll in Lazienki Park in Warsaw

The Dating Culture in Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies

Dating in Denmark is no easy task! You see, the Danes tend to stick to what they know. They hang out with the same friends, go to the same spots and drink the same drinks. They focus on the concept of hygge (making things super cozy) rather than discovering new things. That’s fine and I can totally respect that, but if you’re crushing on a Dane and waiting for them to make the first move, you may have to wait a while!

For Danes to interact with strangers, alcohol needs to be involved. Luckily, Denmark is chock-full of fun events that involve an abundance of alcohol which makes for a perfect evening to chat up your crush!

Date Ideas for Couples in Denmark:

  • Go to a concert and discover the amazing architecture of DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen
  • Have a fun-filled day at the enchanting Tivoli gardens
  • Walk through a rainbow in the Aarhus Kunstmuseum
  • Visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
  • Visit Kroneburg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle)

The Dating Culture in the Philippines

Boracay Sunset - 6 Quirky Cultures and Their Dating Habits - Nomad Junkies

If you’re looking for a true gentleman, a knight in shining armour as some may say, then the Philippines is the place to go! Imagine getting swept off your feet while island-hopping and becoming the best karaoke singing duo of all time.

Filipino men will go out of their way to court you, setting up romantic evenings, and making you feel like the most magical person in the world. To get there though, the beginning stages of dating require A LOT of texting! Like a lot! But if you’re prepared to put in the time, then you will not be disappointed. Plus, you’re basically already in paradise, so it’s win/win, really!

Date Ideas for Couples in the Philippines:

  • Dive with Thresher Sharks in Monad Shoal, Malapascua
  • Hike to the 7 crater lakes in San Pablo, Laguna
  • Walk the beautiful beaches in Boracay
  • Experience paradise together in El Nido, Palawan
  • Watch the sunset from Manila Bay

What about you, how and where will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day (or Anti-Valentine’s Day) this year?

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